Say No to Drugs Door Decoration Ideas

Say No to Drugs Door Decoration Ideas

Want to add a little fun to your door to help you say no to drugs? Go with a taco door theme! Decorate the door with cute black and white tacos, two hashtags, and writing prompts. Write the reason you want to “Hop Away from Drugs” on the tacos and display them on your door! This fun and unique door decoration idea is perfect for Red Ribbon Week.


If your child is interested in preventing the use of drugs, a door decoration theme that promotes drug-free living is a great way to raise awareness. Using simple frog shapes, students can write messages encouraging others to stay drug-free. On a white paper, students can write a sentence and draw an illustration to accompany the message. On a large index card, students can write their favorite activity and draw a picture of themselves doing it.

Say No to Drugs Door Decoration Ideas Decoration ideas

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