Bonfire Party Decoration Ideas

In addition to the classic bonfire, you can also add a variety of Nature-themed decorations to your bonfire party, including glow sticks, flavored candy, and mini flashlights. You can also include a card game or a fun activity such as a Mad Libs game. As party favors, give guests s’mores ornaments and s’mores crafts. S’mores party favors may include glow sticks, fleece blankets, and s’mores craft. You can even have a hayride and pumpkin carving!

Bonfire Party Decoration Ideas

You can use hanging pine cones or wooden barrels to add a natural look to your decorations. You can also hang a happy birthday banner, which you can purchase at a party store. The banner can be customized to say “Happy Birthday” or spell out the birthday person’s name. This way, guests can say “Happy Birthday” with their name written in the middle. The party is sure to be a blast!

If you’re throwing a bonfire party outside, there are several ways you can decorate the space. You can make a s’mores bar for the guests to enjoy. Alternatively, you can have a bonfire right in your backyard. You can also place decorations around the fire for added ambience. Using lights that match the theme is a good idea, and you can create this effect inexpensively. You can also use fairy lights or LED light chains, or glowsticks in balloons for extra decorations.

Bonfire Party Decoration Ideas Decoration ideas

The food at a bonfire party can range depending on the theme of your outdoor living space. For a fall-themed party, consider having pumpkin-spice flavored drinks and snacks. If you’d prefer, you can also set up a chili station or a taco bar. The main goal of the decorations is to give guests the fall feeling and the fire itself. Using foliage as the centerpiece of your decorations can also help create a natural atmosphere.

Glow in the dark necklaces

Aside from using glow in the dark necklaces as bonfire party decorations, you can also use them as a fun game to play during the night. Stack some glow in the dark necklaces together to form a glowing chain. Loop the glow necklaces together to create a glow rope. Use glow in the dark necklaces to outline your backyard or create a themed party area. This will make the night fun for all the guests.

Other fun ideas for your bonfire party decoration include glow in the dark necklaces and sticks. These decorations are fun and add a safety feature. Tea lights and low level lanterns can create a cosy ambiance. You can also use solar lights or fairy lights if you prefer a softer lighting. The glow in the dark necklaces can also help you keep track of your guests.

Another glow in the dark party decoration idea is to decorate with neon colored lights. You can purchase glow sticks from craft stores or online. A glowing stick can make a great centerpiece. You can even shoot glow in the dark bracelets onto water bottles. You can use glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets to create a festive atmosphere. These party supplies can also be used to decorate food tables.

Glow sticks

Using glow sticks as bonfire party decoration ideas is an excellent idea for kids and adults alike. You can create these decorations yourself by cutting up coloured cardboard and using PVA glue to glue them into tubes. You can also use discarded cardboard toilet rolls as garland tubes. To make rocket garland, simply paint the tubes and allow them to dry. Afterwards, throw them away. These decorations make for great party favors for kids.

Aside from the bonfire itself, glow sticks can make a spectacular display around the party area. You can hang them from trees and bushes to add color to the bonfire setting. They are also ideal for playing games, such as telephone. For children, you can also hang flashlights. For adults, you can play classic campfire songs. For an adult-oriented party, you can have a sing-along and play the classic campfire game.

Aside from glowsticks as bonfire party decoration ideas, you can also make these DIY decorations. Combine glow sticks with a white flower or fluorescent highlighter and place them in a glass jar. Then, use a blacklight to light up the jar. Then, add glitter to the glow sticks to add more glamor to the party. Alternatively, you can use glow sticks to make night-time pool parties fun for the kids.


S’mores are one of the most popular treats at a bonfire party, so you can add a rustic touch to your event by choosing tablecloths and blankets to serve your guests. Make sure that you have plenty of seating, and don’t forget to fill baskets with blankets or other items for your guests to sit on. You can also turn soup cans into tea light holders for your guests to enjoy by the fire. You can place these on tables, or you can use them as centerpieces on the serving table.

For decorations, s’mores are the perfect choice. Place graham crackers and chocolates in a serving tray, and marshmallows and fun toppings in glass jars. String lights can also be used as multifunctional decor. You can also display the marshmallows, chocolates, and other fun treats on a serving tray. You can even place them in large jars to serve as party favors.

A s’mores bar table with ingredients for making s’mores can be an easy way to direct guests. Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor party, consider putting up a s’mores bar or a s’mores station table sign. A sign like this will direct guests to the table, which can be laminated for outdoor weather and cleaned after the party.


A natural gas or propane fire pit table is an excellent alternative to open burning and campfires. A fire pit table adds a touch of luxury to your party, and can provide an alternative to open burning on cool, summer evenings. A simple tin bucket or basket filled with red gingham paper plates is also a great option. Tables also make a great place to serve food and drink while surrounded by a bonfire.

Runners can be inexpensive and stylish for any occasion, and burlap is a versatile material that can be washed and reused all year long. Burlap runners make excellent decorations for any size table, and they can easily be cleaned and reused. A burlap table runner is great for full-sized tables and for smaller tables with floor seating. These runner options are also easy to cut and wash, making them a versatile choice for your outdoor party.

As with any other decoration idea, choose furniture that will make your guests feel comfortable. Use comfortable lawn chairs to accommodate guests, and make sure to supply blankets in case they get too cold. You can also use lighting fixtures to set the mood. You can also put up a tent on the ground for extra seating. Make sure to invite friends and family from different places, and don’t invite strangers. After all, your bonfire party is meant to be fun, not cause trouble.

Photo booth props

Use a variety of props for a memorable photo booth experience. Inflatable animals make for fun photo booth props. You can also print silly sayings on foam finger and hand props. And for a funky touch, use cheerleading pom-poms to add color to the photo booth. These are just some of the fun options you can use for your bonfire party. Make your party a hit by incorporating these ideas into your decor.

DIY backdrops are easy to create and cost very little. For a more creative photo booth, consider making your own – you can hang a clothesline between two trees or build one with two chairs. Decorate with streamers, bunting, or fairy wings and personalized hobby store decor. You can also install a haybale on top of a photo booth. Another idea is to purchase a colorful parachute from the local sports store and place it against the backdrop. Paper lanterns can also be used to create a fun photo booth backdrop.

You can also use inflatable game pieces as photo booth props. You can also mount custom graphics on popsicle sticks to create unique props for the booth. Ugly sweaters are a classic option for an outdoor party, and can even be personalized to match the party’s theme. The options are endless! And don’t forget the props! Whether you want a rustic wood backdrop, a brown bear life-size cutout, or a vintage-style family gathering, photo booth props are everywhere!

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